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EMERGENCY? - Give me a call!

Here are some instructions on how to help your pet:


Please remain calm: your emotion is transmitted to the animal and confuses it even more!

Calm the dog by holding it on a leash and follow our instructions.

Call us immediately to the emergency number and describe the emergency.

While you provide the animal with first aid, we will prepare all the necessary measures.


Place the animal in a blanket or in a suitable basket


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Measure the fever

Clean the tip of the thermometer with Vaseline or oil. Lift the tail and insert the thermometer about 2 cm. The duration depends on the thermometer.
Normal values for dogs and cats: between 37.5 and 39 degrees Celsius

Control of breathing

Look at the rise and fall of the rib cage. A cat and a small dog breathe 30 to 50 times per minute, a large dog 20 to 30 times. If you can not see your breathing clearly, hold a pocket mirror in front of your animal's muzzle and see if it gets foggy.

Checking the pulse

Place the animal on its side.

The pulse is measured inside the thigh, near the groin area.

Count for 10 seconds and multiply the beats by 6

Mental control

Nip the nose of the animal


DThe head should be stretched. Place the animal's tongue between its front teeth and close its lips. Make a ring aroundhis nose with your thumb and forefinger (you can also use a handkerchief between them) and slowly blow your breath through both nostrils of the dog.

Danger of death! Remove foreign material from the mouth


To secure the dog's mouth, insert a piece of wood between the upper and lower jaw.

Remove the foreign matter with the help of a stick, a wooden ruler or a blunt screwdriver.

If this does not work, place the head face down and hit the dog 5 times between the shoulder blades.


Then lift the dog by holding it by the chest and shake it gently. Verify immediately that the foreign body is visible and remove it immediately

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